Fish is also a major portion of exports, therefore fish farming is one of the most important business in Iceland. It contributes to the exports that are sent all over the world. To know about the food production of Iceland …


The most important export markets for Icelandic fish and fish products are in Europe, with major markets in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Spain. Japan also has a large market for Icelandic exports, mostly for frozen fish. In 2002 742,233 tonnes of fish and fish products were exported from Iceland, the value of which amounted to US$ 1.4 billion.

Get the catch of the day with our range of fish fillets. From juicy Atlantic frozen salmon fillets to frozen cod fillets, sea bass and tuna steaks, mix and match your favourites with our 3 for £10 offer too.. Find shell-shocking value on our succulent seafood selection, including clams Iceland - Export requirements for fish and seafood. Last update: April 30, 2018. As a country which has signed the European Economic Area (EEA) agreement, Iceland has adopted the certification and import requirements in place for the European Union (EU).

Iceland fish exports

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av U Agerskov · Citerat av 4 — try and paper industry – account for a considerable share of total exports. In Norway, fishery plays a major role, and in. Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland  certain fish and fishery products originating in Iceland and Norway shall apply production and exports its surplus to developing countries, thus destabilising  However, this is only true if parallel import and exports are not made more reason why fish was bought against high prices at Icelandic fish auctions and then  The herring apocalypse: Fish worth millions in exports die in Icelandic lake after building work 'starves them of oxygen'. It is not yet known what is causing the  FISH02: Sea-fishing, annual catches by reporting country, species, unit and time. at immediate consumption, domestic sales, exports including transit, or for processing for Iceland: Figures may not add up due to rounding.

the (c) to fish and other marine products as pro- vided for in Annex ll: origittatittg in an Z. Quantitative restrictions on exports from the EFTA States and measures  Vietnam förbjöd viss export i flera månader av samma skäl.

We specialize in seafood products such as production of salted, chilled, frozen and dried fish and fish roes, mainly Cod, Haddock, Ling, Tusk and Lumpfish roe, which we export worldwide. We are the biggest exporter in Iceland of Lumpfish Caviar “raw material” which we salt in 120 litres drums.

Traditionally the picture of the Reformation in Denmark, Norway and Iceland has been At the same time, Norwegian fish exports were favoured by economic  headings e.g. fish, dyes, iron, oil, grain, wood products, wine, textiles, etc.

Iceland fish exports

PCU domestic, net export and net import (1,000 tonnes) of animals for fattening or slaughter, For farmed fish, Eurostat data are given only as live-weight at animal categories are applied for non-EU countries – Iceland, 

Icelandic Export directory contains list of Icelandic companies and exporters, Icelandic products and services including engineering, geothermal, software solutions, food, fish & fish products, meat & meat product, building material & prefabricated, travel, tourism, accommodation, conference organizers, company that can meet your needs. Iceland: $367.3 million (1.5%) By value, the listed 15 countries shipped 70% of global frozen fish exported in 2019. Among the top exporters, the fastest-growing frozen fish exporters since 2015 were: Greenland (up 310.7%), Taiwan (up 36.7%), Russia (up 35.6%) and Chile (up 34.9%).

Iceland fish exports

Citerat av 1 — Exports of fish and fish products from Finland during 1980–2006 . Estonia. Germany. Iceland.
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Iceland fish exports

Cyprus. France. Ireland. Malta. Rumania.

THE MARKET. The main buyer of our dried fish products is Nigeria. The main dryfish markets in Nigeria are located in Aba, in Abia State, and Lagos.
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Frozen products account for 44.1% of the export value of marine exports. The single most valuable fish species for Icelandic seafood exports is cod which accounted for 49% of the export value of marine products in 2020. Read more about the history of fisheries in Iceland on

Because of this, Iceland exports for fish includes shipments going to countries all over the world to meet demands of the local people. For instance, fish from Iceland are shipped to the Far East, European countries, and the United States. Iceland’s main material exports are aluminum products and fish products, and main service exports are tourism related services. In 2017, tourism accounted for 42% of total exports of goods and services, while marine products were 17% of total exports, aluminium products another 17%, and manufacturing products other than aluminum accounted for 6%.

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Iceland fishing export in numbers. The total exports of marine products in 2020 were 604,129 tonnes and accounted for 40% of the value of exported goods and were worth 1,747 million EUR. Icelandic marine products were exported to 95 countries in 2020, …

Imports and exports  The exports of Greenland and the Faroe Islands are entirely dominated by fish and fish products, to a lesser extent in Iceland where aluminium exports also  In 2010, the total value of Icelandic mackerel exports to Russia was ISK 10.3 billion €203m), according to latest estimates by economists at Fisheries Iceland. Colonization of Iceland by Norwegian Vikings began in the ninth century. and shrimp were eaten in large quantities and cod and salmon were popular fish.